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Sid, for the next two years, went around trying to continue to work in the business he had made his career.He wrestled in the USWA, where he became the Unified World Heavyweight champion there in July ’94 when Jerry Lawler vacated the belt.

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Sid enetered the wrestling business after meeting with “Macho Man” Randy Savage, who saw the man’s potential.

After some training, Sid began his career in the CWF, where he wrestled as Lord Humongous. He went on to the CWA in ’88, and again worked his way to the top, defeating Brian Lee for the CWA Heavyweight Title.

He held the belt for a month before losing to Wendall Cooley.

He went for most of ’91 to different organizations, including the CWA once again, where he won the Texas Heavyweight Title from Tom Pritchard (once again known as Lord Humongous).

Only a week later, Pritchard reclaimed the title, and Sid left again.

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